Meat Industry Causes 80% of Global Warming

According to the official UN report from 2006, “Livestock’s Long Shadow”, the livestock industry is responsible for more greenhouse gases than any other form of transportation combined. That was in 2006, and the industry has only grown since then.

So while people are telling us to make small changes like using different lightbulbs and buying eco-friendly cars, even with everyone in the world making those changes would not put as much of a dent in the environment as simply cutting down your consumption of meat. Really. Cutting down just 20% of your meat purchases would cut down the global warming as much as buying an electric car!

How can you make a difference?
Every time you make a purchase in the store, you are giving your financial support to the meat industry. In your lifetime you will be giving tens of thousands of dollars to the meat industry, so please do check out the practices you are supporting with your money here.

Join me in the plant-strong, whole foods lifestyle.

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