Behind The Milk Industry Curtain

If you’re like every other American out there, you might be thinking “But… but milk does a body good!”

This is an idea the multi-billion dollar dairy industry has worked very hard the last 60 years to get into our heads. They even used their power to sway the FDA to add milk as a large group in the new recommended food pyramid. That was not done by scientists or health professionals. That was done by the dairy industry.

What is wrong with milk?

What’s the one an only benefit people think they are getting from milk? Calcium.
1. The calcium in milk is actually indigestible for humans. It causes an acidic state in the body, forcing the bones to release calcium and other nutrients to stablize the condition. So ironically, milk is actually helping to decrease bone calcium. Countries with highest intake of milk also have the highest instances of osteoporosis.

2. The “Milk builds strong bones” advertising was actually banned because of the findings above. See the real life ban at: Yet because milk was so heavily advertised and incorporated into the food pyramid by a push of dairy industry corporate power – Americans still believe it to be one of the necessary “food groups” today.
3. Milk has both natural and man-made hormones. The natural growth hormones are meant to make a 65 lb calf into a 1000 lb cow, and it has similar effects on humans. This is why our young girls are hitting puberty so much faster and part of the reason the obesity rates are higher than ever.
4. In Dr. Esselstyn’s Studies with rats, they discovered that using only the casein in milk, they could grow cancer cells in the rats, and by decreasing the casein the cancer cells actually started to disappear again.
5. Other toxins found in dairy products due to the poor treatment of the cows are: fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, veterinary medicines, and antibiotic residues. Not to mention the processing of the milk with chemicals to kill bacteria and bleach the color so it’s white, synthetic preservatives, and additives.
6. The animal protein, fat, and cholesterol (even nonfat/skim milk contains cholesterol) all contribute to heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and other major chronic disease.
7. Dairy has been found to be pro-inflammatory, overloading the mucus membranes. (As I discovered in my own decision to remove milk from my diet.)

8. And the question everyone asks: But what about calcium??

Any of the beneficial nutrients strongly publicized for milk, like calcium, are found in equal and more absorbable amounts in leafy greens and tons of other vegetables. Milk is simply NOT a necessity. (If it were, however did they get calcium before the big industrial boom when there were not enough dairy farmers providing milk to every household?)

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