The 8 Reasons I Gave up Meat

So we went on vacation last weekend and it was so nice to get away. One evening, after all the restaurants closed where we could have gotten something vegetarian/vegan, we stepped into Chili’s to look at their takeout menu because we needed to eat SOMETHING. I have to tell you that even on vacation when I could have just given in or went back to my old self for a few days, I still could not bring myself to eat anything on that menu because every last item had meat in it. Even my favorite dishes looked completely unappetizing now. And when we went grocery shopping to get some “movie treats” we bought an avocado and some salsa to make a dip instead of buying “treats.”
And it feels good because I’m realizing that I will never go back to that lifestyle. I just couldn’t possibly eat that stuff anymore. Not even on vacation. 🙂

Just a few reasons I will never touch supermarket meat again:

1. Fillers. A lot of what you think is meat, is actually something else. Like eyeballs, tendons, or feces that they just ground up with everything else and flavored it to taste like everything else. Not a joke. Read this article.
2. Chemicals. Because the meat is crawling in bacteria, E-coli, and other diseases, they have to drench it in chemicals to kill everything. Then they use chemicals to make it look “fresh” for weeks on the truck and on the shelf. Everyone knows this. Or they are just pretending not to know.
3. Sick Animals. First off, it’s not humane the way they are packing these guys in so closely, and their bad living conditions, rolling them onto an assembly line while still breathing. But have you ever wondered why antibiotics are part of their daily diet? Because they are all sick. You aren’t eating a healthy animal. You are eating animals that were very sick for the length of their poor little lives.
4. Antibiotics. Thus, you are also eating a lifetime worth of antibiotics that were fed to the sick animal. These wreak havock on your own system, because they never leave your system until you do something to clean them out.
5. Indigestible. The reason colon cleanses have become so popular lately is because the average American is walking around with 15 pounds of undigested animal matter in their intestines. Your body just can’t process all this meat.
6. Cholesterol. It’s a proven fact that animal products cause cardiovascular disease, and that plant-based foods have zero cholesterol in them. If you’re at risk for heart disease, eliminating animal products from your diet is the surest prevention you can take. See these published studies here.
7. Corrupt Industry. The people producing these products do not care about your health. With over 800,000 deaths due to cardiovascular disease every year, this fact is clear. The industry is entirely unregulated by any 3rd party, and those who are supposed to perform sanitation or safety checks in the FDA also work IN the meat industry, and thus we are trusting them to tell on themselves. To see what’s going on, watch these disturbing videos here.
8. Monetary Support. By purchasing meat, you are supporting this industry’s practices. If they have no reason to rethink the system, they will continue to cut corners and increase profits while ignoring the consumer’s health. I gladly withdraw my monetary support in hopes that change will come when enough people stand up and say they’ve had enough.

For all of these reasons above, I will never touch cow’s milk again either.

Yet, with all of this going on, people are STILL eating this stuff due to cultural conditioning of their “need for protein”, assuming that meat is the only product in the world that can provide it for them. (And that cow’s milk is the only source of calcium on the planet.)

Think about it. Horses are herbivores, and yet they are some of the strongest animals on the planet.
You don’t need this stuff.

See other sources of protein here.
See other sources of calcium here.

There are so many sources that confirm the above information that I couldn’t possibly list them all. If you really want to find out for yourself, google and youtube the subject, but be prepared for the incredible amount of information you will find behind the meat-industry curtain.

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6 Responses to The 8 Reasons I Gave up Meat

  1. Rachael Elliott says:

    Can I have a side of Ammonia with my beef please? I just like to have something to dip my cow meat in. Thanks. Yumma Yumma!

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  3. Eliza says:

    Love your website Bethany. You put a lot of nice information on it and sources too. The recipes you’ve posted look yum-o. I’m trying to move my family away from dairy and meats but it’s harder then I anticipated. My husband is on board for making meat a side dish vs the main dish but he’s not willing to give up milk even after watching Forks over Knives with me! As for myself I have stopped drinking milk. I can’t change everybody but I can change MY body.

    • plantsonly says:

      I’m happy to hear it Eliza! It’s definitely a transition to make, and it’s nice that you can be making the change for your family- as you’re probably the person who cooks most of the time, I’m assuming 😉 I’d love to help you in any way I can, with motivation and recipes! I’m passionate about this new found knowledge and always finding more reasons that confirm this decision! I think even a gradual change is a good thing. Keep up the good work 🙂

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