How the Plant-Strong Lifestyle is Going

It’s been too long since I updated what we’ve been eating, but luckily I took pictures of all the meals I took the time to make. All the other meals we ate were leftovers of the same, and we’ve been snacking on nuts, peanut butter on toast, carrots and the like.
On the days 13,14, and 15 we polished off the terriyaki bowl and cafe Rio salad.
Eating Out at Vegan-Friendly places:
We’ve gone to Barbacoa several times and gotten the burrito with black & pinto beans instead of meat, and with all the trimmings of tomato salsa, corn salsa, lettuce, guacamole the burrito is just as good as it ever was with meat. So that’s a super easy place to go when I’m tired of cooking. We also tried a Chinese place in Jordan Landing, and I think with Chinese you can’t go wrong because you can always order the vegetarian stir fries, and they are awesome.
Day 15 – Sat Feb 11
We had a family event again, and I think family events are going to be a little more difficult. But I had a little influence on the dishes people were assigned to bring, so we had an awesome vegetable tray and green salad there, and I brought my extra Sweet Potato Lasagna that was in the freezer and some black bean brownies. This was all totally filling and delicious. Except, I have to admit, I’m not a fan of those black bean brownies. Coming from a background of being obsessed with decadent desserts, I just haven’t found any vegan desserts I like yet.
Day 16 – Sun Feb 12
Sunday is the perfect day to be in the kitchen all day making meals for the week. 🙂 I made the wheat meat from the Happy Herbivore cookbook (called Chicken-Style Seitan) and even after doubling the recipe it wasn’t very much, so I’ll have to remember to triple or quadruple that one. It’s best to make a double batch of whatever I’m cooking for dinner because after 2 1/2 hours in the kitchen I better have more than one meal! Then I made the Black Bean Enchiladas from the Happy Herbivore cookbook, and added the wheat meat to those. We poured enchilada sauce on top (recipe in her book) and added some homemade cilantro-lime dressing. This meal was the best we’ve had so far (agrees my husband) and the kids scarfed it down with no problem!

Too bad I didn’t make a double batch of this to put in the freezer for later. It was great.
We also made these oatmeal fruit bars for dessert. Again, I’m not a fan of the desserts, and this one wasn’t great either. If I find a good one I’ll be sure to let you know!

Day 17 – Mon Feb 13
Another family party at my sister’s house where they served pizza and salad. I have to say I still have no interest in meat so I pulled off the sausages, and about half the cheese, and filled up on salad. I also ate 1 1/2 cookies, and I don’t feel bad about that because we’ve made such a huge lifestyle change and having a little moderation every now and then is perfectly acceptable.
Day 18 – Tue Feb 14
Leftover enchiladas for lunch and dinner. Kids still love them. When John came home from work we wanted to do a movie and get some movie treats for Valentines. I have to say that even when we went to the store looking for treats, my health brain wouldn’t turn off and I couldn’t bring myself to buy any junk. We ended up doing an avocado & tomato dip with blue corn chips. It was awesome.

So here’s my Update:
My arthritis pain is back up to moderate/bad. We’ll see if it keeps fluctuating or ever goes away. After all, plants are the cure-all aren’t they? 🙂 We’ve also been cheating at the family parties so it’s hard to say what factors are going into it all. In the morning with clothes on, I’ve lost 8 lbs compared to the first day we started and I weighed in the morning that day. That’s a bonus, but definitely not my motivator. I’m hoping to replace that fat with muscle. 🙂 My energy levels are still awesome. I feel so good.

My motivation to continue has not only been maintained, but the more I research about why I’m doing this, the more amazed I am at just how important this is. I haven’t grown tired or bored of eating these foods, and I still look forward to trying new meals, which is totally amazing for someone who has always hated cooking! It’s such a relief to be able to enjoy something that you have to spend your life doing anyway, and might as well enjoy it!

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