The Truth About the Meat Industry

If you really want to know what’s going on in the meat industry, watch the documentary Food, Inc. The following videos are not a joke or something that was made up. In fact, the truth about the meat industry is so completely unacceptable that the voice in these videos has been disguised and hidden cameras have been used to get inside. Farmers who speak up about what is really going on under the reign of the commercial whip masters who rule over them are sued incredible amounts of money or imprisoned.

This is not just happening in some farms. Over 80% of The farms in america are all owned by 4 Corporations who condone and request these crowded living (and dying) conditions to increase their profits.
Part 1

Part 2

Every time you make a purchase at the store, you are VOTING for the companies who produce that food. You are increasing their profits and condoning the way they are getting them. If everyone opened their eyes to what was going on and stopped supporting this kind of cruelty, (even if only for your own health!) the industry would not be able to continue in their crooked ways.

This next video is extremely disturbing because it is true. If you can’t stomach what is happening in the industry, by all means withdraw your support of the industry’s methods by choosing a vegan lifestyle. With every dime you spend for their products, you are condoning the brutally murderous methods of the meat industry, and choosing to look the other way.

We can make a difference. Look at what the Humane Society has done for the pork industry, and what they still plan to do.

Every time you make a purchase in the store, you are giving your financial support to the meat industry or withholding it.
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