How the Meat Industry is Increasing World Hunger

Let me give you a few numbers.

30% of the land on earth is devoted toward raising livestock. See the Source. And this one.
70% of the world’s CROPS are being used to feed livestock animals See the Source.
Factory farming is contributing more to global greenhouse gas emissions than all of transportation. Source. Also See Food, Inc.. See another source here.
The amount of corn used to produce one 8oz steak could fill the bowls of 45 starving people.*
The land required to produce 1/4 hamburger can produce 36 lbs of potatoes*
For every 1 acre grown to feed humands, 14 acres are grown to feed our piece of meat*
Close to 70% of the antibiotics in the US are fed to cattle, pigs and poultry! Source.
*United Nations Multinational Study 2006.

Watch this video about the inefficiencies in the livestock industry that are wasting more land for meat than they would ever need too feed us all with plant-based whole foods from the earth.

Seventy Percent of the world’s crops are going to feed the livestock! Why? So we can keep up the meat demand for the wealthy American meat-eating population. Do you think if we took that 70% of our crops and gave it to the starving children in the world that we would even have world hunger?

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