Other Sources of Protein

The first question on everyone’s mind when considering cutting back on meat is…
Isn’t meat an essential part of my diet? Where will I get my protein?

This is the very phrase the meat industry has conditioned you to say through their advertising. They took one thing that meat had going for them, and conditioned the world to believe it was the only source on earth and you’ll die without it. Beef… it’s what’s for dinner. And it stuck. Big time.

You might wonder how a bunch of advertising could establish strong personal beliefs that meat is a good and essential part of our diet. But where has America looked for the guidelines on our dietary needs for the last few generations? The food pyramid’s recommendations.

It might surprise you that the people who placed Meat and Milk prominently on the food pyramid actually work for the Livestock Industry.

Our body needs less protein than you may think.

According the the World Health Organization, the average 150 lb male requires only 22.5 grams of protein daily based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Ample amounts of protein are thriving in whole, natural plant-based foods.
Black Beans 15
Black-eyed Peas 14
Garbanzos 15
Soybeans 29
Tofu 12
TVP 12
Whole Wheat 9
Boca Burger 13
Kashi Cereal 6
Artichoke 4
Green Peas 9
Oat Bran 7
Brown Rice 5
Almond 7
Peanut 8
Pistachio 6
Soynut 10
Flash seed 7
Spinach 2
Squash 2
Sweet Potato 3
Pumpkin 2
Potato 4
Mushroom 2
Corn 4
Broccoli 2
Avocado 4
Blackberries 2
Cherries 2
Dates 4
Peach 2
Pomegranate 5
Raspberries 2
Watermelon 2
Banana 1

A single salmon filet has 23 grams of protein. More than you need for your entire daily intake.

Doctors Dean Ornish, Joel Fuhrman, and Esselstyn all suggest that:
“Getting an adequate amount of protein should be the least of your worries.”

Animal protein is the worst kind of protein because it produces acid that wreaks havoc on your system. You body can store carbs and fats, but not protein. So if the protein content of your diet exceeds the amount you need, not only will your liver and kidneys become overburdened, but you will start leaching calcuim from your bones to neutralize the excess animal protein that becomes acidic in the human body.

The average American consumption of over 100 grams of protein a day is a dangerous amount of animal protein. But if you eat a plant-strong diet, you’ll be getting neither too much nore too little protein, but an amount that’s just right.” -Taken from the Engine 2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn.

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