My Story

Growing up in a family that had constant access to treats and junkfood more than any other type of food, it’s a long road that brought me to the lifestyle of eating plant-strong, whole foods.

The first event happened earlier last year when we attended a class given by Dr. Jay Shetlin that opened our eyes to a healthier way of eating.

John and I made changes that might seem a little difficult to make, like:
1. Cutting out all High Fructose Corn Syrup and Hydrogenated Oils
2. A smoothie every morning that consists of:

Raw Oatmeal
Ground Flax Seed
Raw Almonds
Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Power

Frozen Fruit Mix
Frozen Berries Mix
Apple Juice

Here is what the smoothie looks like just before we pour in the juice at the end. You would think it would taste weird with all of this healthy stuff, but it actually tastes really good.

Just make sure to put in more berries than other fruit, but don’t fill up the jar more than half full because the juice will bring it up to the top. My kids actually love this stuff. They drink it every morning.

The other thing we did in the beginning of last year was to cut down on our milk consumption.

I had read a few different articles about the many problems with milk that are widely unknown, and it was easy to just drink water after a meal instead because we don’t really eat much cereal anymore.

These small changes we made to our diet were phenomenal for our health.

1. I started noticing that my depression was letting up.
2. Physically, I just felt better in the mornings and wasn’t hungry till afternoon.
3. But the most significant change actually went unnoticed until I re-introduced milk one weekend by eating several different milk products.

My whole life I have had congested sinuses but hadn’t really paid much attention to it because I was so used to it. Not a day went by that I didn’t have to blow my nose, and I could never breath through my nose at night because it was always so stuffy. As I child I had ear aches and when I was pregnant my ears would plug up with temperature changes. But during the time we had cut out milk, I had actually been breathing free. My nose was completely clear, and I could easily breath through it at night. I hadn’t touched a tissue in months.

Until I reintroduced milk products. And that’s when it dawned on me that I had been breathing so freely during all those months before. Now just one weekend of milk products might have been a fluke, but as I cut them out and then slipped up again several times during the next few months I consistently noticed the pattern. Later, I read several other testimonials from people who had cut out milk products and had the same experience.

The other thing we did after attending Dr. Shetlin’s class was that we basically stopped eating at fast food restaraunts altogether. Whenever we went out, we went to higher class restaraunts that had more vegetable options available. We’ve always been a little wary of fast food, so this wasn’t extremely difficult for us, but it was a little more pricey.

Lastly, we decided to try and cut down on the ammount of treats and junk food we were eating. This one was a huge one for me because I grew up in an environment filled with treats and junk food, and have eaten them on a daily basis for my entire life. Some days, treats have taken the place of any real meals, and not a day goes by I don’t crave sugar and want some sort of treat. But after we made that decision, I really tried harder. We really only did a treat run if it was a movie night, and we tried to get “healthy” treats like nuts, and crackers, or baked desserts ourself using butter instead of shortening.

All of these things were such a big step for me and the direction I have always wanted my health to go. I really feel like this put me in a position where I was really ready to take the next step when I came upon the documentary: Forks Over Knives, and the documentary Food, Inc.

And after watching those two documentaries, I’m not sure anyone could feel comfortable eating anything outside of a vegan diet, And that’s how this blog about my plant-strong, whole foods lifestyle came about.

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