Common Restaurants with Vegan Dishes

Eating out is still pretty easy on a vegan diet! There are awesome vegetarian dishes everywhere. My favorite is the Vegetarian Burrito at Barbacoa Mexican Grill (which by the way, tastes exactly like the regular burrito).
This is a picture of the taco instead of a burrito, and I don’t have chicken in mine, but you get the idea.

I get black and pinto beans, both medium and mild salsa (one has corn, the other tomatoes), NIX on the cheese and sour cream, and YES to the guacamole and lettuce. Turns out to be amazing!
We also love the Cafe Rio salad (without meat) with black & pinto beans and all the works.

Find the homemade version of this cafe rio salad here.
Zupas has some great salads too. And you can always just omit the meat on any salad that has it.

Rumbis Island Grill has brown rice bowls full of veggies, just nix on the meat.

Noodles is a new favorite of ours because there are so many options: Mediterranean, Asian, Italian, etc.

You can always find vegetarian dishes at Chinese restaurants, especially a dish called Vegetable Delight.

Subway is good if you’re out and don’t have any other options, just get the whole wheat bread and all the veggies.

Turns out the vegetarian versions of your favorite dishes are ALWAYS cheaper too!

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5 Responses to Common Restaurants with Vegan Dishes

  1. Rachael Elliott says:

    Oooo, yummy. That’s good to know because there are going to be times when I’m famished and I wouldn’t think of Subway but now I will!

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