Restaurants we Love, and a Carnivore-Kid-Friendly Week!

I still get to enjoy all the same restaurants since going vegan. Here are our favorite things to get when eating out:

Barbacoa Mexican Grill
7800 South Redwood Road, or 10600 South River Front Parkway
This place is awesome, and WAY more empty/less-crowded than Cafe Rio, and we get more food for less!!
Everyone needs to start going to this restaurant to keep them in business!

We get the Vegetarian Burrito with black/pinto beans, stir fry veggies, rice, corn/tomato salsa, guacamole, and lettuce all wrapped in a freshly made whole wheat tortilla. Plus you get a FREE kids meal with a bean/cheese/lettuce taco, apple juice, carrots, and bag of teddy graham cookies….
Feeds our whole family for $7 bucks!
People, this is cheaper than getting enough dollar menu burgers to feed your family at a fast food joint. And this is REAL food….

Then of course, there’s Cafe Rio.
We get the vegetarian salad with a whole wheat tortilla
The veggie salad is just as awesome as it ever was with the meat! Try it and see for yourself!
This comes with cilantro-lime rice, black/pinto beans, lettuce, pico (I ask for extra), guacamole, and corn chips.

The one on 106th and Redwood has an INSANE line between 4:30-8:30 pm. And if you want the free Kid’s quesadillas with your meal, you can’t call in the order. The downside is we’re feeding the kids dairy, while we’re eating pure health.
Feeds the whole family for $8.

If you’re feeling a little more spendy, Noodles is a great choice.
All their dishes naturally come without meat (you’d have to pay extra to add it. Right on.)
We get Bangkok Curry (a sweet, coconutty delight with lots of veggies)

& Whole Grain Tuscan Linguini

These are around $5.50/plate and we get two of them, plus you can add a side salad to each for $1.
Total comes to around $14 to feed the whole family.

And on a splurge night, we do Zupas.
We get this amazing Mango Berry Salad

With a vegetarian sandwich

And it comes with a chunk of super-soft french bread and a chocolate dipped strawberry. This combo is around $8 with tax, and we get 2 of them to feed us all. ($17 ish)

This week we have “carnivores” staying at our house
so I’ve had to find kid-friendly meals to make every day this week since we won’t be eating out.

Here’s what I’ve made so far:
Country Fried Chicken-Style Seitan Recipe (to put in everything else this week)

Even our picky house guest thought these were delicious! 😉
(She’s still very well-mannered and good about eating if she doesn’t like something, which is nice.)

Vegan Enchilada Casserole Recipe (we added chicken wheat meat- shredded in food processor)

Spagghetti Squash with creamy alfredo sauce (we cheated and used packets for this) with brococli, artichokes, and shredded chicken wheat meat. This was so creamy it reminded us of clam chowder soup. It was excellent!

Blueberry Waffles & Pancakes (Recipe from Vegan Yum Yum)
FYI, her pictures are way better than mine. Click the link above for the recipe.

And the plan for the rest of the week is:

Chinese Sundays / Hawaiian Haystacks – whatever you prefer to call them (with shredded wheat-meat)

Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza Recipe (we put BBQ sauce on them last time and it was amazing!!) I think we’ll do a BBQ Chicken pizza with the chicken seitan.

And of course, our favorite Home-Made Vegan Cafe Rio Recipe.

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