The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry that Doesn’t Need to Exist

Ask yourself…
If you knew someone was going to bomb a city of 800,000 people and demolish them all, would you let someone know?

We have 800,000 cardiovascular deaths per year in the United States that can be completely avoided by eating a plant-based diet. Studies have PROVEN that cardiovascular disease can be prevented AND reversed by eating a plant-based diet with no animal products! See these studies here.

So that means these 800,000 annual cardiovascular deaths do not even NEED to exist. But, you might be thinking, everyone is going to die of SOMETHING anyway, so why should these statistics be so important?

Around 45,000 people die in car accidents annually, and think of all the push for safety regulations for the car manufacturers, and seat-belt laws in place to cut that fatality number down.

Think about how devastated the country was about the roughly 3,000 lives lost in the 911 attacks.

But yet 800,000 deaths due to heart attack and stroke could be avoided every year. The average age of cardiovascular death is getting lower and lower every year. Not only are these people dying younger than necessary, but the financial impact is unbelievable.

In 2010, coronary heart disease alone was projected to cost the United States $108.9 billion in health care services and medications. See the statistics here.

So you know about this “bomb” that kills 800,000 people annually, and you want to tell people that it can be AVOIDED, but you are starting to discover just how much MONEY is involved in this gig.

Putting aside the 108.9 BILLION dollars this disease is costing us in medical costs, the annual cost of factory farming the very animal products CAUSING this disease is completely mind-boggling. Checkout this incredible compilation of articles about the actual cost of factory farming in America.

You are contributing to this Multi-Billion dollar industry every time you purchase animal products from the supermarket, AND every time you pay for health insurance, whether or not you are taking precautions for your own cardiovascular health.

This is the NUMBER 1 cause of death in the country, after all. Join me in challenging the system and promoting a plant-strong lifestyle for America. But be prepared to ruffle some feathers.

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