Famous Vegans and Vegetarians

I love seeing people who are actively taking a stand against the livestock industry, which in a domino effect takes a stand against world hunger, global warming, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. How does it do all this?

See how Meat Causes Heart Disease, Stroke, and Cancer
See how the Meat Industry is Causing World Hunger
See how the Meat Industry Causes More Damage to our Environment than Any Other Industry!

And a lovely video of the famous people who realized what was going on and took a stand in their own lives to make a difference, and choose health for themselves.

I really find it amazing how many amazing heroes, geniuses, and extremely successful men in our world knew this important secret about their health and the well-being of the planet that others wouldn’t believe.

<h2<Why do so many people scoff at vegans/vegetarians?
Because taking personal responsibility for your health and what’s going on in the world means making difficult lifestyle changes that people don’t want to make.

Sometimes doing the right thing means getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that is… yes… HARD. In fact, Most of the time that’s what doing the right thing requires.

Take a Stand

You are voting for or against the meat industry every time you make a purchase. Simply withdrawing your monetary support (not buying meat and animal products) puts a small dent in the profits of the livestock industry, and with millions of us withdrawing our monetary support together we can change the industry.

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