My News, Easy Meals, and a New Documentary

It’s been forever since I’ve updated because of a minor setback of morning sickness/pregnancy and moving!

But I’m very much back on fire in my plant-based and juicing passion, and have some great new websites I love! – This girl is always posting new and exciting recipes for juicing! This is a great page for juice recipes also – Just discovered this website and I love that she tries to get as many plants as possible

Some of my favorite quick meals lately that actually curb the nasea:
Any sandwich made with whole wheat bread and spinach. I love Subway when we’re out and about and we just discovered that they have a garden veggie pattie that is great.
subway sandwich
We’ve been making lots of salads with any old fresh fruit tossed with spinach. I LOVE spinach. It just takes on the flavor of whatever you put it with.
650 px IMG_9810
Just discovered we could blend fresh fruit in the Ninja and use it as pancake syrup. (Because we’re so tired of sugar!) Or checkout these protein berry pancakes that have fruit baked inside!
650 px IMG_9747
And pastas are always a quick go-to meal when I don’t have anything else on hand. We discovered a creamy pumpkin pasta that was really good!
cheesy noodles and broccoli

Now that my nausea has lightened up and I’m heading into my 2nd trimester of pregnancy, I’m totally excited about juicing again. As soon as we unpack the boxes in the new house, I’ll be trying out all the new juice recipes from the websites I posted above!

A great documentary we watched that helped refuel my passion for eating plant-based is Hungry For Change. Watch it on netflix!

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