With “Healthcare” in the news right now (and every 5 status updates is about someone getting their nursing degree on Facebook), I just have to give my 2 cents.

The whole “Health” Care industry is a complete joke. The idea that drugs, surgery, and doctor visits constitute good health is just ludicrous. Yes, they are good at Emergency care. But a person’s HEALTH lies in their own hands: In the food their body takes in, the sunshine and rest they get, and the amount of oxygen they get into their blood on a daily basis via exercise and breathing. These are DAILY choices we make for our health. NONE of these can be made up by simply visiting the doctor on a yearly basis.

The medical industry should be called “Repair Care” because that is the REAL definition of what they attempt to do. Some things, they are very good at repairing. Other things are not going to stay permanently repaired if someone does not change their lifestyle.

Here is just one small example of “Health”Care industry fail:
I saw two friends post last week about their fathers getting new stents put in their heart because the last ones failed. Could it be that you can only clog your arteries with so much junk before they won’t work anymore? I’ve said this a million times, but cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death in this country with 800,000 deaths per year. This is a disease that has been PROVEN to be both preventable AND reversible! See Dr. Essylstyn’s Book “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” and all the worldwide studies of populations they have done.

Would it be a stretch to say that the number 1 health problem in America is cardiovascular disease (seeing as how it’s the #1 cause of death) and thus heart surgeries constitute the majority of medical costs every year?

And thus, the majority of medical industry costs are completely and 100% unnecessary??

The good news is, we get to pay for this completely preventable/reversible lifestyle condition through insanely high insurance and now through our taxes. Because these people think it’s too “expensive” and inconvenient to eat organic fruits and vegetables, so they’ll save time and money by eating their McDonalds and getting their heart surgeries.

But let’s all jump on the bandwagon and become a nurse! Everyone’s doing it! Have you ever stopped to count all of the Hospital Billboards along the freeway and realized that the medical industry is the biggest corporation in America? Do you think this is because our nation is MORE healthy, or because people NEED more REPAIR CARE? If the medical industry was making us healthier… don’t you think the industry would be getting smaller, not bigger?

What is the definition of HEALTH care to you??

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