How I Handle Conversations About Meat

Every now and then you will have conversations with people who don’t agree with your nutrition decisions. If you’ve just discovered this lifestyle and are excited to tell your friends and family, you will notice this a lot at first.

I’ve tried to adopt a laid-back attitude about other people’s food decisions because however much I’m dying to tell them the health benefits of the plant-based lifestyle, it’s just not worth the contention that often comes with it. People get offended when you talk about their eating habits, I know… weird. 😉

People wonder if I have a hard time when everyone around me is eating meat. Lol. The only reason I would be bothered is NOT because my mouth is watering, but because I’m extremely grossed out by what they’re eating and want to tell them why. If you knew someone was eating a Chocolate Pie with Dog Poop in it, you might feel the same way 😉 What makes me laugh is that most people will admit they’d rather NOT know because “ignorance is bliss”. Even more gross that they KNOW they’re eating something bad, and now it makes sense why they are defensive about it.

The thing is, I’m pretty casual about my lifestyle on special occasions and eating out with friends. But meat, I just won’t touch. When you tell someone you just don’t like meat, they are suddenly WAY more understanding about you not eating it than if you tell them the health reasons. Why? Because now it’s just your personal preference, so there’s no pressure for them to feel like they shouldn’t be eating it either. So it’s a tossup. You can avoid arguments by telling them you just don’t like meat very much, but then you’re dealing with the horrible guilt of not telling them the truth about something that could change their life.

Another thing that makes me laugh is the phrase “moderation in all things.” Everyone knows this phrase means you shouldn’t have too much of a good thing. But when people say it to me, they are acting as if it means the opposite. That you should still include a little bit of the BAD things in life to be moderate. Would people say this to someone avoiding drugs or alcohol? Come on, it’s good to have a little smoke and drink once in a while… moderation in all things. You never hear that phrase when you’re talking about having MORE of something. It means you shouldn’t have TOO MUCH of something, like going to the gym 3 times a day or brushing your teeth for 2 hours straight, or eating 2 boxes of ice cream every week. It doesn’t mean COME ON, you should include more of the things you know are bad for you, live a little. The people saying it have no idea that what they are really saying is “Live a little.”

But I’d rather live a LOT… a lot LONGER. By avoiding heart disease, diabetes, and stroke that are killing people at younger and younger ages, DH and I are hoping to live into our 90s, out playing tennis together into our 80s. These diseases have become the rampant top killers in our country in the last half-century because of the increase in processed foods and the invention of factory farming (processing and packaging animals like cookies). Being the old-fashioned girl that I am, we’re reverting back to the plant-based lifestyle that is keeping other countries around the world disease-free when it comes to these modern killers.

Here are my BEST recommendations for videos that will change your perspective about factory farming (or in plain English: PLEASE FIND OUT WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU BUYING AT THE GROCERY STORE). These documentaries can all be found on Netflix streaming, and some of them can be viewed free on other online video sites.

Forks Over Knives
Food, Inc.

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2 Responses to How I Handle Conversations About Meat

  1. My Plant Based Family says:

    Well said! When I invite someone to lunch they always “what can you eat” even people who follow my blog.
    I can eat REAL FOOD!

  2. Right on! I get “where do you get your protein?” a lot. I have to explain to them that many plant based foods have a lot of protein and that many people get too much protein in this country.

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