My Favorite Things

I wanted to mention a few of the great things that make my life easier on a plant-based lifestyle.
Firstly, my beautiful smoothie blender that is still going strong. We did a lot of research and decided on a KitchenAid 5-speed blender with polycarbonate jar around $200 new, that you can get for $99 on amazon right now!

We use this for smoothies every morning, and for recipes that require blending like pasta sauces and such.
My next favorite thing is the black & decker food processor that chops all my veggies super fast, and I’ve even used it for making almond butter and blending black bean & mushroom burger patties.

We just bought this Ninja Master Prep Pro Food & Drink Mixer that does blending & food processing, so I’m kind of wishing I’d just bought this in the first place to kill two birds with one stone. So if you don’t have a blender & food processer, this was just $50 at Sam’s club, or you can get it on Amazon.

And now for some of my favorite easy meals.
A bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with Almond milk and fresh strawberries is like a little piece of heaven in the morning. We also do our smoothies as a complete breakfast.

Peanut butter & honey sandwiches when we’re in a hurry. Or our favorite avocado spread with black beans, corn and tomatoes on a bagel.


On Sunday we diced up a huge lot of veggies to put in freezer bags for an easy Chinese stir-fry meal whenever I don’t have time to cook. In each back we included: green, yellow, orange, and red bell peppers; diced zucchini, mushrooms, and carrots; and broccoli. The great thing is that we’re planting all of these things in our garden so we can freeze this stuff and eat it whenever we want, totally self-sufficient!

We also made up a homemade terriyaki sauce for these stir-fry veggies and store it in an old jam jar in the fridge so we have a quick easy meal!
Movie Snacks
Movie snacks are my favorite because i’m always craving fats and sugars. It’s a human thing to do. So we make up this awesome chip dip that has different variations every time. But our favorite was this awesome avocado and salsa chip dip we had at my SIL’s house because they are doing a plant-strong lifestyle too and it was delicious!

My Favorite Prices I’ve Paid for Produce:
Yesterday we got Avocados for 29 cents each at WINCO!
And Pineapples for $1 each at WINCO!
WINCO also has vine ripe tomatoes for around 60 cents/lb most of the time.
We bought pears at NPS (market square) for 29 cents/lb one time!
Limes for 20 cents each on occassion
Tofu for 99 cents at Sunflower Market

What are some of your favorite things, or the best prices you’ve seen for produce?

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