Never Give Money to the Cancer Society

You might be surprised to find out that the American Cancer Society is not searching for a cure for cancer. Yes, they have had over 40 BILLION dollars for their “research” in the last 30 years, but they are not researching anything.

They have been using the same 3 methods for the last 30 years: radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. They are NOT looking for new or innovative ideas, or cures.

The point is not that chemo & radiation haven’t cured anyone. The point is that you would think a Cancer Society who has collected 40 BILLION dollars in research would actually be SEARCHING for new alternative, innovative methods that work. Isn’t that what “researching” is?

But in fact, when alternative methods have been shown to work on hundreds or thousands of cases, they are imidiately rejected by the cancer society. If they are SEARCHING for a cure, WHY on earth would they reject methods that have been shown to heal thousands of people? Because the truth is they are NOT searching for cures.

And it’s sad to see all the money that has been given by grieving families in hopes to see some future new methods adopted by the medical industry, when they are not adopting new methods with the money at all.

A friend of mine just did a “Race for the cure” in which they charged everyone $35 each and dumped them on State street to walk around the block for fun. Do you think there was a single cancer patient who benefited from the tens of thousands made on that race?

If they are continuing to use the same 3 methods, there is NO purpose in accruing new money for so-called research. Any cancer patient who has benefited from chemo, radiation, or surgery was not healed because of the 40 BILLION dollars in funding because they have not incorporated any new strategies into their practices!

The money donated to the American Cancer Society is going directly to the chemical companies who insist on keeping cancer patients in the dark about alternative methods that have been shown to heal tens of thousands of people. If this isn’t disturbing, I don’t know what is. There are families who have lost loved ones and are raising money for the Cancer Society in the name of their loved one.

The billions of dollars eaten by the Cancer Society come with blood sweat and tears of people who have suffered so much already. What do you think it would do to them to find out that their money is not actually going toward “finding a cure” for cancer?

The Cancer Society and Medical Industry either need to open their minds to the new methods they are pretending to look for, or just come out and say they are NOT looking for alternatives to chemo and radiation, and ditch the BS slogan they’re using to raise billions of dollars for nothing.

There is hope for cancer patients who are looking for alternative methods that have been shown to work. If only people could give money to these organizations to help us get the truth out to the world, THAT would be a society worth donating to.

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