Homemade Veggie Loaf, Chinese Stir-fry, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well, we made a ton of new recipes the last few weeks, and a lot of repeat favorites. So I don’t have new pictures of the repeat recipes, but here are the new ones!
First, this homemade Chinese Vegetable Delight Stir-Fry that we’ve been getting at the restaraunts.

And our new favorite recipe was the vegan mac and cheese recipe with red bell peppers! It was delicious. It’s pictured here with my new favorite zucchini on the side.

Another new favorite of ours is this Chickpea Curry from the Happy Herbivore book. It usually isn’t this watery-looking, and it’s more dry the next night from evaporation.

Another great recipe I tried was this vegan meatloaf. The Happy Herbivore book calls it “Hippie Loaf”.

We also tried the “Maple-Glazed Vegetables” recipe from the happy herbivore book, and we didn’t like them at all, so I won’t post the recipe. Although we did use agave instead of maple syrup, so who knows. The taste was a little funky, and definitely too sweet for us. I’m pretty sure the veggies were just overdone.

And last but not least, we made some amazing desserts. These vegan chocolate chip cookies were so delicious.

And that’s all for now!! Hope you are enjoying trying new recipes as much as I am, and it’s also great to keep rotating through a handful of favorites to make life easier!

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