Vegan Chimichangas, Hamburgers & Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Who woulda thought you could have so many traditional foods on a plant-based diet?
I wanted to make the chimichanga recipe in the Happy Herbivore book which basically calls for beef TVP, Rice, and Beans. I’d never reconstituted the beef TVP before, but it looks and tastes just like ground beef (or even better!)

Then I thought I would add a little more to the black beans for flavor, so I made the care rio style black beans and rice found on this website here. But I omit the olive oil because it’s really not necessary and you don’t notice a difference.

Then you add everything to a tortilla and roll it up!

And then you bake the burritos in the oven till they’re crispy.

I also made some guac with avocado and tomato and a dash of lime juice to keep it green. And of course you gotta have your leafy greens, and I made the vegan sour cream recipe from the happy herbivore book which is basically silken tofu, some lemon juice, some vinegar, and some form of sugar (I used agave).

This is how nice it all looked when my sweet husband came home! (Thanks to me having to take pics for the blog, I’m actually making my meals LOOK nice on top of tasting nice these days. 🙂

I’ve also been juicing lately, and we had a ton of oranges that needed to be used, so I made some fresh squeezed orange juice!

This would have been fine and dandy, but I used it in our smoothie because we were out of apple juice concentrate, and I definitely don’t recommend it. I had to add a ton of water and some bananas to tone down the super tart orange taste and the kids were not a fan.

The next thing I made was these awesome mushroom burgers from the happy herbivore book! It’s basically just mushrooms, black beans, a piece of wheat bread, and some wheat gluten all blended up with some great spices and formed into patties.

Then you bake them in the oven for about 12 minutes on each side. These smelled delicious and looked like the real thing, so I was excited to see if the taste measured up!

With some whole wheat buns and all the makings we like on our burgers, these were absolutely delicious! And I’d venture to say that I could serve these to some happy omnivores and they wouldn’t even realize they weren’t eating that bacteria/ammonia soaked stuff we call beef. 🙂

I’ll definitely be making these two meals again!
Then we made some awesome chocolate chip cookies from the happy herbivore book for dessert! I like to add a Tbsp of flax seed for a chewier cookie, and a teaspoon of EnerG Egg Replacer with a Tbsp of water. You can get vegan chocolate chips anywhere; they are basically chips that use oil instead of butter.

And I’m loving my new whole wheat bread flour I got from the bins at WINCO! We threw out that old flour we were using and now all of my desserts are tasting better!

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One Response to Vegan Chimichangas, Hamburgers & Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  1. Rachael Elliott says:

    yeah, good flour is important. I bought some flour that made my recipes taste funny too.

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