New Meals and a Mercury Detox!

Things have been going well in the plant world. I’ve just been re-making all the dishes I’ve posted about before that we liked.
But here are some new things I’ve tried.
Walnut Apple Salad

I think the secret to any salad is to add “carmelized” walnuts. It makes any old salad delicious! Just sautee walnuts (or pecans) in a skillet with agave syrup drizzled over them for a few minutes and then let them dry so they can become crystalized. We can eat straight kale salads as long as we have these walnuts!

This is the pumpkin bread I made last week for a dessert, from the Happy Herbivore book. It was pretty good, but there’s something really funky about our wheat flour because every time I use it in a dessert I taste this funky taste. So we ended up throwing it out because I think it was rancid or something, and I’m going to get whole wheat pastry flour because that’s what the book calls for and I think my desserts will turn out much better without that old flour! 🙂

Dirty Mashed Potatoes with Mixed Veggies

These potatoes turned out pretty good, but I think I make too much of them. We ended up getting sick of them after the 2nd day, and last time I made mashed potatoes we ended up throwing them out because we never ate them so I guess we’re not much of a mashed potato family. But these were definitely good.

And another great salad with spinach and carmelized walnuts. Gotta have those walnuts. 🙂 I think the best salads we’ve had have red bell peppers, black beans, and corn. They just have a unique flavor that really adds to the salad.

The last thing we made was this Kale Butter from the Engine 2 Diet book. He said one mother’s kids always ask for Kale Butter instead of peanut butter on their toast so I figured it must be good.

This stuff was seriously overpowering. I don’t know if it’s because I added a little too much garlic and lime, or what. But we usually make this with spinach and it’s delicious. I’ve decided Kale is only good in 2 forms: Juiced, and Cooked.

After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, we tried this Kale juice from their website that is really not bad! If you have a juicer, you just throw in:
1 bunch kale
3 apples
1 lemon
2 carrots
1/4 inch ginger root
3 stalks celery
1 cucumber
This is enough juice for our whole family of four. The kids still aren’t too fond of it, but I think it’s the best way to eat kale personally!

And our favorite cooked Kale recipe is the Kale Sweet Potato Soup in the Happy Herbivore book.

One of my favorite recipes we made last week was the Ultimate 7 Layer Dip from the Happy Herbivore book. I’m sure you’ve seen this stuff before, but it’s just as good vegan!

I didn’t follow her recipe exactly because I used real avocado in my guacamole, and added some spices to her cheddar cheesy sauce. Be careful if you’re getting vegan cheese from the store because often it’s made with Casein, which is the very thing you’re trying to avoid with dairy (as it’s the thing that encourages cancer cells). So just make sure you don’t see that as an ingredient 😉
If you’re going to make the Happy Herbivore cheese sauce, I’ve found that the type of Nutritional Yeast you use makes all the difference. We made it with this gritty brown nutritional yeast and it was not good. Then we found this yellow flaky nutritional yeast that had such a better taste to it, plus you can’t omit the yellow miso. It really makes the difference between a gross cheesy sauce and a good one.

Mercury Detox
So I talked about getting all my mercury fillings out of my mouth, and I’m glad to announce that I’m officially mercury free!! After I had my fillings taken out, I took this clay detox bath that pulls the heavy metals from your body.

This is the color of the water before I started my bath with just the clay in it.

And this is the color of the water after I got out, and you can see that the metals actually made the water darker!

This is the residue of the heavy metals in the tub. The color of the clay is a light tan color, so I know the detox must have done something right.

A few more detox baths, and I’m sure my body will really be mercury free. If you want to do this detox yourself, you can get the LL’s Magnetic Clay Detox Baths on Amazon. I think they are the best you can find.

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