Closing Your Eyes Won’t Make it Better

Just a little vent today.
There is a video about the meat industry’s practices that exposes some very disturbing things about what is going on. The problem is that no one wants to know what’s going on. They watch about 10 seconds of the video and are so disgusted that they can’t watch any more.

So, let me get this straight… (to those who don’t want to know what’s going on)

You can’t even bear to see what’s going on in the meat industry, but yet you willingly lend your financial support to them every time you purchase meat. As long as you don’t know what they’re doing with your money, you can’t be held responsible for what’s happening, right? You are purposely closing your eyes to what’s going on because you’re afraid… Afraid that it’s all REALLY happening, and anyone with a conscience might have to actually do something about it.

I have a conscience and I’m not afraid to ask questions before giving someone my financial support.
And believe me, the factory farming industry is one of the last causes on earth I would give my money to.

You don’t have to stop eating meat. Just know where you’re getting it from. Just like a dog, There is a difference between an animal who lived a good life and was put down humanely, and an animal who was purposely abused and neglected and died in a brutal manner.

What they are doing to the farm animals should be illegal. It would be illegal if they were doing the same things to a dog, and everyone knows it.

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7 Responses to Closing Your Eyes Won’t Make it Better

  1. Rachael Elliott says:

    Very well said! I know I had no idea the story behind the chickens, cows, and pigs I was eating. They came so nicely packaged with no bones and no skins. I thought that the chickens were running around on a farm clucking and pecking and that the cows were grazing on a hill. Ha ha ha. What I learned greatly disturbed me. It just isn’t right and I can’t support the meat industry ever again. We know better! But if we don’t do our own research we won’t know better. It’s sad how many people won’t even look at the truth because they don’t want to know.

  2. Rachael Elliott says:

    ha ha, one of my friends reposted the cruelty video on facebook and this is what one of her friends said: Penny wrote: “I really have no problem with this. It gets so much food to many people very affordably. I’ve slaughtered chickens myself and killing an animal is never pleasant. I always pray over my food and thank God for the animal’s life. To me it’s a similitude of the sacrifice of our Savior. I’m so grateful to the animals who die so that I may feed my children.”

    What she doesn’t know is that because of the animal industry we cannot feed the world. All of the space and energy that goes to growing animals takes away from us feeding the hungry! I’m going to find an article and post it under her comment!

  3. oatsnwheat says:

    What’s the name of the video, or where can I see it? I’ve been watching documentaries like Food Inc., King Corn, Forks over Knives….Food Matters is next on my list.

  4. Rachael Elliott says:

    The animal cruelty video is on YouTube:

  5. Rachael Elliott says:

    Ok, so I wrote Penny (who I’ve never met) a reply: Actually Penny, we could end world hunger AND we Americans could be healthier if we stopped breeding and killing animals for food. I used to not even be as good as you (thanking God for the animal’s life before I gobbled it up). It took some heart softening on my part to look into the details. I also didn’t want to look into it because of how much I loved milk (it used to be my most favorite drink in the whole world) but my sister-in-law kept prodding me to do reasearch! So now my family of four lives on a plants only diet. There are at least 10 reasons we made a change. Check this out:

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