The Mercury in Your Mouth

I know a number of people are quite concerned about vaccines because of the trace percentage of mercury that is used as a preservative in the vaccines.

But you might be completely BAFFLED to know that the fillings used to fill cavities in your mouth are 50% mercury! And the amount of mercury coming from the fillings in your mouth when you simply chew or brush your teeth has been measured with a mercury-reading instrument to show mercury levels much higher than levels that would force an entire factory to evacuate!

Here is the video showing the mercury vapor coming from a silver filling in a tooth.

Here’s a video that shares some of the common issues that come with having mercury in your body. Having lost a child, let’s just say it’s beyond maddening to know that dentists across the country are still feeding people the BS Line that putting the most toxic substance on earth in your mouth is perfectly safe.

Save removal is possible, but your regular old dentist will just go drilling at it without any precautions, obviously exposing you to enormous amounts of mercury, with little pieces flying everywhere while you’re breathing and swallowing it. Find a mercury-free dentist (also called a Biological Dentist) at
Some protocol I’ve seen people take for the procedure:
Take 3000 mg of Vitamin C before you begin to give your immune system a jump start
Drink chlorella to help your body bond the toxic metals and avoid absorbing them into your system
Have a clean oxygen supply to your nose
Have a block in place in your mouth to avoid swallowing or breathing it
Take a couple capsules of activated charcoal after the procedure to help absorb heavy metals

I take no responsibility for the amounts of mercury you’ll be exposed to by removing these from your mouth. But the dentist community sure as heck needs to take responsibility for putting this gravely dangerous substance in your mouth in the first place. Can you imagine how many billions of dollars in law suits they would have if they did? I think we see now why they are still pretending it is perfectly harmless.

I’m planning to get my amalgam fillings removed next week, and then I’m doing several different things to detox the metals from my body. I bought some chlorella in powdered form that I’ll be adding to our smoothies by the teaspoon.

Then I’m going to take a clay detox bath twice a week with this amazing clay bath that comes with 10 baths.

I’m getting my blood tested for mercury levels so I can have a before and after number to tell you!

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