“Health Care” Professionals and Your Health

Take a second to watch this commercial that was broadcast in 1949. This was an actual commercial paid for by the tobacco industry – the biggest source of advertising for the medical industry at that time.

Can you guess the biggest source of advertising for the medical industry now that big tobacco has been found out?
Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical companies dictate more decisions in the medical industry than you can believe. They are the biggest source of income, and nutrition is their only competitor.
This video PERFECTLY explains the difference between the medical industry’s aim to relieve symptoms, verses the nutritionist’s goals to get the the CAUSE.

I have watched 5 documentaries this month that all said the same thing, and have 5 more documentaries I’d like to see. I believe the brilliant doctors, scientists, and experts who created these documentaries because what they said matches up with all the other truths I have learned in my life.

Food Matters, Food, Inc., The Beautiful Truth, Forks Over Knives, Supercharge Your Immune System

When I see something going on that is totally wrong, I’m not afraid to ask questions. I won’t shrug it off because it would take a lifestyle change and a lot of work. I’m not afraid to take a stand and open my mouth, and try to be the change I want to see in the world. Just because something is socially accepted, I won’t follow like a sheep without really looking at what is going on.

Together we can make a difference by not donating our money to these companies, by taking our health into our own hands. The body has an incredible ability to heal itself, and the goal is to turn on your body’s own healing mechanisms, rather than covering up symptoms with drugs.

By purchasing fruits and vegetables and not buying drugs and animal products, you are withdrawing your support of those industries and making a difference in their profits. If we could get everyone to do the same, we could see significant changes in the treatment of “health”.

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