The Cancer Therapies They Can’t Tell You About

I watched another documentary called “The Beautiful Truth” and I just keep getting more and more blown away at how much information about true health is out there that is being kept from the public.

But the more I tell people about what I’m learning, the more defensive people get.

Whenever you believe in something that is not widely accepted by society, you will be ridiculed. It happens with religion, and it has happened to brilliant minds throughout time who invented things our world would not be the same without.

When they first discovered that smoking was killing us, the idea was very unpopular indeed. In fact the same man who discovered harmful effects of smoking, discovered a cancer therapy using nutrition that was ridiculed and rejected despite the growing number of people who have been cured with his methods. See more about the Gerson Therapy created by Dr. Max Gerson.

In 1972 President Nixon stated that if we put enough money into Cancer Research we would find a cure. That year 220,000 people died from cancer in the US.

After spending 39 BILLION tax payer’s dollars and 24 years of “research” later – 560,000 people died of cancer in 1996. So 39 BILLION dollars in research DOUBLED our cancer rates.

The cure for cancer was already discovered as explained in a thesis by John Beard in 1904. This cure was confirmed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1930s and the Gerson Institute.

But there is no money in a CURE. So the Cancer association and reasearchers have disregarded the proven methods of healing from within, and made it ILLEGAL to offer anything outside of chemo, radiation, and surgery. This is a 200 billion dollar/year industry and that would have to be dismantled if the truth ever came out.

Less than 30% of cancer patients “survive” even 5 years past getting chemotherapy. They have changed the word “survive” to mean living only 5 years so they can make it seem like their research is getting us somewhere.

In the 1930s Gerson had a 50% cure rate with TERMINALLY ill cancer patients. That’s extremely high. That in itself is a reason for the medical profession to learn about the Gerson therapy. But they don’t.

Please someone tell me why we have a nutritional CURE for cancer but continue to spend billions of dollars on Chemical Research.

When you give money to the American Cancer Society, you are directly donating to the Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies who run it. There is a better way.

Go plant strong and tell the world. Why is this concept SO shrugged off? Because it seems too EASY? Like the serpent Moses raised on the staph that people refused to look at and be healed. It was too easy. That couldn’t be it.

Going against the grain is exhausting. But I will never stop fighting for the truth to be heard by those who need to know. I will never stop fighting against the powers in this world who are hiding these things from the public and deceiving people for money.

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