Day 6 Plant Strong

New Recipes I tried the last couple of days!

Day 5- Feb 1

Breakfast- Smoothie, Steamed Spaghetti Squash with Homemade Hummus Spread (I’m a squash lover, but I usually lather it with butter so this was definitely different. It was ok though.)
Lunch- Leftover Vegan Mac n Cheese (at this point not very good lol),
Snack- Granola cereal w/ almond milk
Dinner- Tofu Tikkah Masala (An Indian favorite of mine that usually we make with Chicken, but substituted it with tofu. Still awesome! Don’t pay attention to the white rice. We haven’t brought ourselves to throw out all the white rice and I don’t happen to have any brown rice in the house yet.

Dessert- Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls! These were awesome, and felt like the first comfort food we’ve had all week.

Day 6- Feb 2

Breakfast– Smoothie, cinnamon roll
Lunch- Leftover Mac n Cheese
Dinner- Greek Pizza with whole wheat crust, sauce made with ground walnuts, almond milk, basil, tofu, and cucumber, topped with tomatoes, mushrooms, and spinach. This was one of our favorites so far. Still need some tweaking before we’re in love.

What I’ve learned: If you rely on the Engine2 Diet book alone you will either starve or give up. It just doesn’t have enough recipes to live on, and you might start going crazy eating a vegetable concoction for every meal. The Happy Herbivore book on the other hand is really saving my life this week with comfort foods that almost taste as good with their vegan substitutions. I feel like we’re consuming more sugar to make up for our cravings for fat, and all I really want is some good old white flour. Like a big fluffy roll. Wonder why whole wheat just can’t get fluffy.

Things I’m expecting: I’m still waiting for something to happen with my arthritis. Pain in my hands has gone from bad to moderate. That’s pretty cool I guess. Weight is fluctuating a ton so I won’t have a measurement on that till more time has passed. Energy levels are definitely up. Hunger isn’t as bad as it was the first two days but my cravings for junk food are going to take a long time to disappear. Motivation to keep a strict watch on ingredients is slipping a little. Used Olive Oil in the pizza crust tonight because it’s really getting old having things taste like applesauce when we substitute it for oil. Only 4 Tbs so it’s not the end of the world.

Things I’m willing to compromise for: White flour to help make things fluffier, Extra Virgin Olive Oil every now and then, and Sugar in our treats sparingly.

Things I won’t be eating any time soon, and hopefully ever again: Meat. I seriously don’t crave it and I don’t miss it. And when I think about it, I’m still grossed out, so I’m perfectly happy without it.

Things I’m on the fence about: Cream Cheese. How can I possibly live without cream cheese. I will go 28 days without it, but I’m not sure how much further I will go with that. Because every dessert I’ve ever loved had cream cheese in it. (Cheesecake, 4 Layer Dessert, Cream Cheese Frosting, Eclairs, etc). Milk, I never cared for, and almond milk makes a perfectly good substitute when cooking. Cheese? That’s a hard one too. But I think I can keep away from it. Eggs… Desserts just aren’t the same without eggs. You can substitute bananas but the taste is overpowering sometimes. We really liked our cage-free vegetarian fed “organic” eggs, and I’m happy we supported the farmers who have gone out of their way to have a different kind of humane setup for their chickens. Now, we went from eating 5 eggs every morning to nothing. So obviously I’m fine without eating eggs in my meals, but desserts are a bit more difficult and we shall see how long I last on that one.

What do you think you could live without?

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2 Responses to Day 6 Plant Strong

  1. I’m doing well without cheese, but Jeff’s had a tough time. Sunflower Market has some vegan cheese I want to try. Our exchange student really misses meat (but doesn’t complain, and gets some when she eats out with friends), and so for this next year, we’re choosing a student that’s already a vegetarian. Eggs are something we still love. However, I’m not buying eggs any more. We have two chickens, and the 7-10 eggs we get each week are enough for our family of 6. I know that these are healthy, happy chickens, and we are quite sparing on egg consumption (we used to be able to eat an entire dozen in one morning). If you go to WINCO and get their Whole Wheat Pastry flour, your goodies will be much fluffier. It’s a very finely ground flour. If you buy dough enhancer or vital wheat gluten, that will also help your wheat breads and rolls be fluffier and softer (just add a tbsp-ish into your dough when you add the flour, works for bread machines, too). If you do get white, go with UN-bleached, because bleached has chemicals that are awful for you. Thanks for what you’re sharing!

    • plantsonly says:

      Thanks for the tips Mary! I’m definitely going to try the whole wheat pastry flour and add wheat gluten because I’ve really missed fluffy breads! I think it’s awesome that you have chickens, I was even considering it a few months ago because we had eggs and toast every morning! (Obviously we don’t anymore though! 😉

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